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Angels at Play

by Alan Merrihew

Released 2006
Released 2006
Music for Happiness, Harmony & Healing. A blend of Contemporary Jazz, New Age, World Music saxophone. Imagine the sounds of John Klemmer, Grover Washington Jr., Mark Isham, and Samite melded into a relaxing selection songs just for you.
Here is what people like you are saying about "Angels at Play" - “WOW - your music is is beautiful.” “If you listen to that first track in the morning, it stays with you all day.  Great melody!” “The CD is terrific.  I loved every piece on it – of course it helps that I adore the saxophone!” “We spent a lovely evening…listening to your music. Beautiful! Thank you for…the brilliance of your music.” “It feels relaxing & peaceful…a perfect addition to our evenings to help melt the stress away after a long day.”

“A tasty presentation of contemporary smooth jazz from a talented saxophonist…Merrihew gives us a pure tone…confident melodic lines with solid harmonizations. The title track is delightful,” says Keith McClelland, former conductor for the Bob Hope and Ray Charles orchestras.

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Contemporary Jazz Saxophone

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