A tasty presentation of contemporary smooth jazz from a talented saxophonist…Merrihew gives us a pure tone…confident melodic lines with solid harmonizations. The title track is delightful.”

— Keith McClelland, former director for the Bob Hope and Ray Charles Orchestras

Inspires you to relax and unwind. This music is truly for those who seek the best in a relaxing, romantic album.  Mood music...It's better than that - it "creates" the mood. Once your ears pick up the first note, you cannot help but stop what you are doing and listen to the rest of the serene "trance like" melodies.  There is no question that Alan was born to enrapture and enfold those who listen to his masterpieces.  The music is a gift and the artist is the giver...”

— Lee C.

It feels relaxing and peaceful…a perfect addition to our evenings to help melt the stress away after a long day.  I’m always inspired by people who focus on their passions and make their goals and dreams come true. And what a lovely CD it is! There’s a nice variety, yet it feels relaxing and peaceful.  We do love it!”

— Lyndee L.